Giving Hearts Day


Reach young people in the FM area at pivotal moments through your gift to Red River Youth for Christ on Giving Hearts Day, Thursday, February 8, 2024. Support opportunities for teens in crisis to feel seen, heard, and valued at the juvenile center, alternative schools, and more.

Friends of YFC will match your gift of $10 or more up to $20,700. To donate, you can go to and choose Red River Youth for Christ to make your secure online donation. You can either do this on Thursday, February 8th or by scheduling a gift anytime between now and February 7th. Checks dated and delivered by 5 PM on February 8th will also be accepted.

YFC Meals To Go

This Year's YFC Meals To Go is provided in partnership with Trap Hogs Hickory Smoked BBQ. Stop by our office (2345 Meadow Ridge Pkwy, West Fargo) for a delicious smoked pulled pork lunch (includes bun, chips, beans, and a cookie) with our staff, or take it to go for your whole team. Suggested donation $5. Available 10:30 AM-1:30 PM or until sold out.

Contests & Awards

February 1st-8th at 5:00 PM

VISIONBank Video Contest

Vote Daily! Prizes are awarded to the nonprofits whose videos receive the three greatest number of votes, with an additional ‘Underdog' Award’ selected by VISIONBank employees. First Place: $1,000.00, Second Place: $750.00, Third Place: $600.00.

Bell Bank Social Challenge

To have a chance at winning one of two $5,000 donations for your favorite charity, grab your friends, family, or coworkers, and put together a short video answering a simple question: Who is your heart for? Your video can include photos, video clips, and graphics; get creative with how you show which charity your heart is for! Once it's ready, post it to any social media platform and include the following three things in your post: Tag @GivingHeartsDay and use the hashtag #WhoIsYourHeartFor, Tag and nominate a Giving Hearts Day charity of your choice, Tag someone else to take the challenge.

Tens of thousands of dollars in Golden Tickets will be available throughout Giving Hearts Day!

Golden Tickets

Here's how to become eligible: Give a gift of $10 or more, Record a Giving Hearts Day Food Drive donation, Record an act of volunteer service.

What is Giving Hearts Day?

Giving Hearts Day is an annual event on the second Thursday of February and is centered around the concept of showing affection for the charities you love. This event originated as a 24-hour online giving window in Fargo, North Dakota, but now has charities from all over North Dakota and northwest Minnesota participating. Organizations are responsible for finding matching funds with the goal that every donation given will be matched. In the decade-plus since its founding in 2008, this event has grown into one of the country’s longest-running and most successful giving days. To learn more, visit This is a great day to bless this ministry, double the impact of your gift, and join in on the online giving fun.