Red River Youth For Christ

Reaching young people in the
Fargo-Moorhead Community

Our Focus

Introducing young people to Jesus at pivotal moments

Youth for Christ is a ministry that actively pursues 11-19-year-olds who are walking through pivotal moments in their lives. A pivotal moment could be anything from navigating a new school, dealing with a family breakup, becoming a teen parent, to spending time in juvenile detention. Much of our ministry is to at-risk teens. These young people often feel overlooked, and it’s our passion to make them feel seen, heard, and valued. YFC is a place that sees, hears, and celebrates young people for who they are. We get to know a kid’s story, and as we do, we share our life and story with the ultimate goal of connecting them to God’s story.

Our Mission

YFC reaches young people everywhere, working together with the local church and other like-minded partners to raise up lifelong followers of Jesus who lead by their godliness in lifestyle, devotion to prayer and the Word of God, passion for sharing the love of Christ, and commitment to social involvement.


Give Life To Your Story


A way of life that guides followers of Jesus to be good news as they share The Good News. 3Story® is the phrase we use to describe how we live in relationship with God and others. We use three circles to represent these stories—God’s Story, my own story and the stories of young people. When the circles overlap, it means friendship is growing, trust is building, transformation is happening.

3Story® helps people who love Jesus stay tightly connected to Him so they might become good news as they talk about the Good News of God’s love. It’s a lifestyle we pursue. We want to be people who love like Jesus loves us, who serve as Jesus serves and who are consistently drawing near to God for the sake of young people.

We pursue 11-19 year olds who are walking through pivotal, story shaping moments; like navigating a new school, becoming a teen parent, spending time in a juvenile institution or simply enduring the culture of social media. Young people often feel marginalized. As we live 3Story® lives, we represent Jesus who is steady and trustworthy so that young people feel seen, heard and valued.

Meet the Team

Our Staff

Greg Everett
Executive Director

Danielle Beyer
Special Projects Coordinator

William Lawyer
Ministry Staff

Tim Brown
Ministry Staff

Meet the Team

Our Board

Our chapter board works diligently to ensure we are leading the ministry in a positive direction to reach young people in our area. This group of well-qualified individuals from our community comes alongside our team through counsel, strategy, and accountability.

Karen White

RRYFC Board President
Avenue Right
Northland Church

Brent Roeder

RRYFC Board Treasurer
Eide Bailly
Triumph Lutheran Brethren

Shane Kosloske

RRYFC Board Member
Bremmer Bank
Journey Church

45 Years & Counting
Serving the Fargo-
Moorhead Community

Our pursuit: relational ministry rooted in Christ’s truth. 
His truth about community, empathy, and kingdom-inspired diversity guides our
 work and shapes our community.

YFC USA & YFC International

A global movement to uncover God's Story in the next generation

As a ministry of YFC USA we are dedicated to acting as a local extension of the work being done nationally. We actively work to create engaging experiences for youth in our area.

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