The Hidden Ministry of Jesus

November 8, 2023


There have been many times this past year where I have wept to Jesus. When you enter into the suffering of those you love… tears will flow.

I have wondered what Jesus’ time with the Father looked like during the many instances in the gospels where He would draw away from the crowds. As I think about what He was doing in those crowds and who the people were that were coming to Him or brought to Him, I can’t help but wonder if much of His withdrawn time was spent weeping to His Father.

Weeping. As He knew what was truly in men’s hearts. Weeping. Because He knew many He came to save would reject His love and forgiveness. Weeping. As He stepped into the suffering of humanity’s sins. Weeping. As He watched sheep without a shepherd struggle to survive. Weeping. As He looked into the faces of men who claimed to know him, but were so far removed from His heart for the lost. Weeping. Because what He saw around him were broken, afflicted, wounded, and tormented people… crowds and crowds of them… who didn’t know that He was who they needed to be well, restored, loved, and forgiven.

I can imagine that much of Jesus’ ministry unwritten about may have been the majority of His ministry… His time with His Father sorrow filled over the sin and suffering of this world. Jesus desired that none would be lost. Jesus desired to be the fountain of living water that would quench all thirst. His love was not absent of feeling.

Jesus feels our grief and He has carried our sorrows. He died because He knew that our sins would destroy us. He rescued us.

So much of ministry is feeling the pain of the suffering of others while also being comforted that Jesus has felt that pain so much more than we ever could. He loves those who are suffering so much more than we ever could. And HE is the answer to the suffering in this world.

-Deb Napton