Ministry Staff

Young people today crave authenticity; they want to feel known, but the world they live in is pulling them apart – digitally, socially, and spiritually. Instead of feeling known, they feel detached, isolated, and anxious. Every kid needs to know they are not alone and that someone is for them. You can be that someone who makes the difference.

Red River Youth for Christ is looking for mission-minded ministry staff who feel called to work with at-risk, high-risk teens. We are seeking individuals who will help give leadership to the ministries of City Life,  Juvenile Justice & Parent Life; recruit, train, and mobilize a team of caring adults; and be community leaders as they invest in young people.

You can be a part of a team committed to going wherever teenagers are in their community, diving into the messy world they live in, and offering the hope that comes through Jesus!

Qualities we value:

· Passionate about seeing lost young teens find hope in Jesus
· Ability to mobilize adults to develop Christ-sharing relationships with teens
· Able to develop significant relationships in the community
· Spirit of collaboration with like-minded partners
(individuals, churches, businesses)
· High level of spiritual & emotional maturity
· Team player
· Motivated self-starter
· Teachable


· A follower of Jesus who is willing and able to live the Life of a Leader and pursue a deeper relationship with God and within the body of Christ.
· Bachelor’s Degree (preferred, not required) or equivalent experience
· Experience in youth ministry (preferred but not required)
· Ability to coach, motivate and lead teams of adults, volunteers, and student leaders
· Team player, highly relational, teachable
· All YFC employees are expected to actively participate in the funding of RRYFC. These activities will include—but are not limited to— extending invitations to fundraising events, recruiting personal circle of influence/YFC donors, sending letters, handwritten notes, personal calls, and personally ministering to donor contacts.