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This isn't a job, it’s a calling!

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Youth for Christ is searching for high-integrity individuals that desire to directly or indirectly impact youth.  Red River Youth for Christ is not only a place to grow and develop professionally, it is a place that will change you personally. If you're committed to raising up lifelong followers of Jesus then YFC may be the right career for you.

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Youth for Christ is a faith-based mission organization. Becoming a full-time staff member involves not only meeting the standards for staff but part of being a missionary at YFC includes participating in Ministry Partner Development, which is the process used to provide funding for their position.

What exactly is Ministry Partner Development (MPD)?

Ministry Partner Development (MPD) introduces each staff person to a place of trusting in God’s provision. Trusting God for money can lead us into the habit of trusting Him for other spiritual essentials.  MPD is made possible in two ways: first, by donations made to Youth for Christ from family, friends, acquaintances, and churches on behalf of a particular staff member, which enables Youth for Christ to care financially for that staff member.  Second, by the prayer support of others. A ministry that is not founded upon and supported by prayer is a ministry that is doomed to failure. MPD is literally developing partnerships with others who will come alongside you, pray for you, and care for you.  You’ll be amazed by the people who want to partner with and stand behind you and the mission of YFC.


Why Ministry Partner Development?

“From the perspective of the Gospel,” wrote Henri Nouwen, “fundraising is, first and foremost, a form of ministry.” It is a way of connecting your vision and our mission with more and more people. It is “all ministry.”

Read more from Henri J.M. Nouwen's book, "Spirituality of Fundraising."


I am scared! Will this actually work? I have bills to pay and need money to live. Will I be paid?

First of all, you will not be alone in this process. YFC has people and resource materials both locally and nationally to walk through this process with you. Yes, you will receive a paycheck. Before your official first day of work, you will need to have the majority of your support funds in place. A discussion with your supervisor will take place to determine the number of hours you will start working. Everyone who works with RRYFC is able to pay bills, take vacations, own homes, give, etc. Our goal for you would be to have an established team of monthly prayer and financial ministry partners.

How long will the Ministry Partner Development process take?

The timeline for each candidate will be unique. However, an average time frame for raising enough funds to start employment is a minimum of four to eight weeks.

What happens if the Ministry Partner Development process doesn’t work?

Our experience has been that this process can be used by God to clarify our calling. Ministry Partners are those who believe you are qualified and worthy of people’s support — YFC believes this, too! If a potential candidate is unable to raise enough finances to cover a salaried position, you may decide serving as a YFC volunteer makes more sense for you right now. Also, it is possible God has a better fit for you to serve Him somewhere else. MPD takes work, determination, and courage to phone for appointments, share with groups, write letters, have coffee with ministry partners, and be honest about your finances. Our experience shows that this process really works!


Youth for Christ provides:

       An opportunity for full-time employees to receive full health benefits.
       Vacation time.
       Sick leave.
       Paid holidays.
      The opportunity for training and growth.



If you are interested in pursuing an opportunity with Red River Youth for Christ or if you’d like more information, email us at gregeverett@redriveryfc.com or call Greg @ 701-237-6682.