Campus Life

What is Campus Life all about?

Campus Life is a place for students to grow deeper relationships through fun activities and lively discussion. We tackle the big questions surrounding a person's existence and purpose in life. We are a Christian organization which means we believe the Bible is absolutely true in every way and without error in what it teaches, therefore it is our reference point for all questions about life.  Campus Life groups where authentic and honest conversations are encouraged. Our volunteers and events are a safe place to talk about the most important questions about life where all people can come to wrestle with their fears, doubts, and questions about religion, Jesus, faith, sex, drugs....ANYTHING. They are a place where sharing different world-views and beliefs is encouraged in an environment of mutual care and respect for one another.

Where do you meet?

Schools, Homes, Churches...wherever students want to meet.

Who is welcome?

Everyone and anyone that is in Middle School through High School.  Parents, teachers, and friends are also welcome if Youth For Christ is contacted ahead of time.  State and national law require that any adult involved with minors (students under 18) need a background check completed.  Therefore, we always want to be sure who is sitting in on our sessions for the safety of our students.

For more information on either Campus Life email us by clicking on the correspondling logo and we'll get back to you.