Teens’ Stories

Nathan is a high school student that the RRYFC staff have had the privilege to get to know over the past two years through their Woodrow Wilson Alternative High School ministry. YFC staff and volunteers serve lunch to the students every Wednesday with hopes of building relationships with the teens and encouraging their walk with God. Nathan is one of the kindest, sweetest guys around, but he has had his own share of struggles to overcome.


Youth for Christ’s Parent Life program educates and equips pregnant and parenting teens and their children. We provide parenting and life skills classes, provide moms with necessary items like formula and baby clothes, offer counseling and mentoring, and help with everyday struggles like how to get their child to daycare or how to stay caught up in school. I want you to meet Telma. She was 16 when she found out she was pregnant and has a great story to share with you.


John and Anna have been involved with Youth for Christ's Campus Life program for a couple years. Campus Life is a safe place where students can come, hang out with a community of kids their own age, ask tough questions to caring adults, and deepen their relationship with Jesus.